Credit Union Repo List

Buying a repossessed car, truck, pieces of equipment, recreation vehicle, and other property, can save a phenomenal amount of money. My neighbor was skeptical. I gave his daughter the list and she found a nice Honda she spent $900 on. After paying $220 to fix the front struts, she sold it for $3200! I bought a snow blower at an auction for $60, and sold it 4 months later for $300, which was a great deal to the buyer. Utahn's are allowed to sell 5 vehicles a year without needing to be registered and bonded as a dealer. Buying repo's is very easy. Drive the vehicle for a while, sell it, and buy another one.

Below is a list of all of the Credit Unions that liquidate their own repossessed ( REPO ) vehicles, and other collateral. We have included a link to the page of the credit union's website that lists the repo inventory, or the phone number to the department where you can call and get the current list.

This page is designed to be as efficient as possible. On the map below you will see various 'BALLOON MARKERS' that mark the location of every Credit Union in Utah. Clicking on a marker will bring up a window containing the web, street address and phone number of each credit union's collections/repo department. Most even have a link to the Credit Union's website page that lists all of their current and soon to be processed repo items. You will see various items on these lists, not just autos. The prices listed are not etched in stone, all are GREATLY negotiable.

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